What's Happening 

Nothing Gold Can Stay - video for this song, inspired by Robert Frost's poem,  released on his birthday, March 26th. Many thanks to Zoe FitzGerald Carter for sharing her vocal talents and creative input.  Watch it here.

I'm A Singer Songwriter New song.  New video.  What's it like to be a singer songwriter?   Find out here.

I'd Like To Get To Know You.  I co-wrote this song with Karl Smily in 2017.  He recorded a version of it and a few years later so did I.  Interesting the differences in how we interpret our shared song. Karl's version here, click on “Love Takes Time.”   My version here.

My last album WHERE ZAT was #12 on the RMR "Top 50 Alt Folk Albums of 2022"  -- what an honor !!!   Listen here


Coming Up  

April 7 - California Theater - 4-7pm - $20: Jan Kahdeman and I are part of a John Prine tribute show.  Also featuring Layne Bowen, Clementine Darling, Dave Hamilton, Kevin Hutchinson, Paul Riley, Zoe Sameth, Alan Watt, Callie Watts, Cori Wood, and Now And Zen.  What a lineup!!

Past Highlights  

May 12, 2023 with Willie Pettus. Here

Oct 1, 2022 with Michael Capella: Here

Aug 21, 2022 Pancake Breakfast show with Dennis Russell & Laura Hemenway: Here 

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